Bringing Sexy Back

Dear fellow bloggers and readers,

I have been absent from my blog for two months now. I won’t get into the details – unless it turns out they make a great blog post idea! – but I will say to those of you who faithfully blog: good on ya! Working full time and managing children and other commitments makes posting regularly a real challenge.

Though my absence may seem unfruitful, I have had some things simmering on the back burner, ideas that will come to fruition shortly. For now,  I would like to re-introduce myself to you by Bringing Sexy Back, my most recent article for the Spiritual Thoughts Column of the Thompson Citizen.

If you’re reading,  thank you for sticking with me and remember: with Christ the best is always yet to come!


About dosedependent

Hello! I'm passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ, eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet and living life with my family in northern Manitoba.
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2 Responses to Bringing Sexy Back

  1. I’m still with ya…

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