Raw Chocolate Almond “Brownie” Bites

Welcome 2015! I have been conspicuously absent from the blogging world as of late. Well, at least in my own mind; I am quite certain not too many others have noticed and that is ok. I have been wrestling with a few different things over the last several months and one of the things that has been on my mind is why am I blogging and for whom am I writing? I must confess (because if you haven’t noticed, I am all about confession here on Dose Dependent; it’s one of my gifts actually; the ability to look unflinchingly at those things in my life that are not pretty, things that are self-serving and prideful so that God, in His mercy, can root them out of me), I was not writing to serve my audience or the Lord but to serve myself. And when I write because I think I may get noticed, or applauded, or offered a writing job (yes, yes, I have entertained these fantasies!), then I am not fully writing from a place of passion. Passion to share what God puts on my heart in order to build others up, whether it be nutritionally or spiritually. And that, I am coming to understand, is really my calling, my true passion; to serve others with what God speaks into my heart, in my life. After all, Jesus is the Servant King and we are called to be like Him. “He must become greater; I must become less.” (John 3:30)

And so with that introduction, I give you my first gift for 2015, a little recipe I tweaked from the incredibly talented Julie Morris (www.juliemorris.net), my Raw Chocolate Almond “Brownie” Bites. In her recipe (No Bake Brownies), Julie uses walnuts but we found that the “brownies” were too oily for us. Almonds, because they are less oily, make a great substitution without losing any of the flavor of the original recipe.  Plus, almonds have less fat (47g vs 80g) and less calories (546 vs 783) per cup than walnuts and slightly more dietary fibre and protein. All that is good news after indulging over the Christmas season because let’s face it, is it realistic to give up sweets just because it’s January and we ate too much in December? I think not! So yeah almonds!! I also rolled some of the bites in unsweetened coconut or coconut sugar just to change it up (I really like the coconut sugar but that’s cause I have an insatiable sweet tooth).

I hope you enjoy this first offering of 2015; may you be blessed as you run after spiritual and nutritional health in 2015.

raw chocolate almond brownie bites - official

Raw Chocolate Almond “Brownie” Bites
makes approximately 1-1/2 to 2 dozen balls

• 1 cup raw almonds, whole or pieces
• 1 cup Medjool dates, pits removed
• 1/2 cup cocoa powder
• Pinch sea salt
• 1 tablespoon unsweetened coconut flakes or coconut sugar for dusting (optional)

Place the almonds in a food processor and process until the nuts form a coarse flour. With the machine running add the pitted dates, cocoa powder and salt. Continue processing until a moist, crumb-like dough has formed.

Roll into 1-1/2 inch balls.  If desired, roll the balls in either coconut flakes or coconut sugar. Refrigerate (if you can!) until ready to eat.


About dosedependent

Hello! I'm passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ, eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet and living life with my family in northern Manitoba.
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8 Responses to Raw Chocolate Almond “Brownie” Bites

  1. carmen says:

    Happy New Year Julie! Glad you’re back! Yes, I noticed you were on a “break” – life can get busy with … well, real life!!

    For me blogging has given me a creative outlet and a chance to meet other people I might otherwise not have met. I thank God for you and that our paths have crossed, if only here in Blogland, but perhaps the day will come when we meet up in London with your sister at VegOut.

    Don’t be too hard on yourself! You are a blessing and you never know how mere words on a page (or computer screen) can influence and affect someone whose reading, in a way you may not even expect.

    The no-bake brownies sound tasty and easy, thank you for this gift! I’ll order two dozen! 😉

    You are a blessing! The Lord delights in YOU!!

    ❤ carmen

    • Oh yes Carmen, I am so happy to have met you here in Blogland as well … I feel as though we are “real” friends (lol) and sometimes I am disappointed that we have been so close yet not managed to meet in person for I feel we would become fast friends in real life too! I love your zest for life, your relationship with God and how you make everything look so cute and sweet – I have no fear of the years marching on if only I can look to you to inspire me!
      Save a seat for me at VegOut my friend and meantime, keep pursuing the heart of the one who knows your heart.

  2. I wonder…..can mixed nuts be used in place of almonds?

    • Sure, I don’t see why not! It would alter the oiliness (and perhaps subtly the overall taste) depending on the combination of nuts you use however I have never met a nut I did not like (lol), so I would be very interested to know how that works out if you try it!

  3. Caroline says:

    Yum! I can’t wait to make this! I do not eat processed sugar and have found a much more satisfying treat in recipes like this. Thank you for sharing!

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