Milk Maid

Before I turned my taste buds toward plant-based milks, I was a devout dairy consumer. I willingly and wholeheartedly bought into the mental deception that frozen yogurt was ice cream’s healthy cousin and I gladly and greedily indulged what I thought was a healthy addiction. When I was pregnant, I fought the urge to surrender to the alluring lie that I was eating for two but after clinging tenuously to the truth for nine months, I easily surrendered to the sweet thought that I needed extra calories for breast feeding. In those early, heady days of parenting, not yet delirious from lack of sleep, we would stay up late watching movies and consuming bottomless cartons of Chapman’s Blackjack Cherry frozen yogurt while a warm lil bundle of mini me slept through car chases and Hollywood drama nestled against my shoulder. I first admitted the extent of my dairy addiction when a good friend, who had been joining our movie fests, bought us enormous serving size bowls to use as individual servings. He was actually being kind because he had noticed we had to pause our movie and get up multiple times to refill our cereal bowls with more frozen yogurt (the fact that we were loading up bowls meant for breakfast cereal with frozen yogurt should have been warning enough but we were in  some serious denial). Horrified, I faced the fact that I was consuming one to two litres of frozen yogurt a few times a week. Even I knew this was, well, a tad bit excessive. But it wasn’t until I started noticing a connection between my dairy intake and my son’s gastric reflux that I turned to plant-based milks. It took a bit of adjusting but once my taste buds had re-aligned, I had a new love: Silk chocolate soy milk. When I decided to eliminate refined processed sugar from my diet in early 2013, I knew I would not make the distance if I did not have a substitute. I really am an all or nothing kinda gal. I cannot just have the odd glass of Silk chocolate soy. If it is in the fridge, it has a voice and I can hear it even when I am upstairs! So I started making my own pseudo-homemade milks. I say “pseudo” because I use an unsweetened store bought milk (I prefer soy for it’s creaminess but almond works too) as the base, then add either cocoa powder, strawberries or raspberries and pure maple syrup to taste and voila, delicious, creamy, satisfying flavoured milks without all the negative health benefits of dairy and processed sugar. Plus, it’s super easy, so I can indulge whenever I want. Of course, you can take things to a whole different level if you make your own plant-based milks. For awhile there I was making my own oat milk (when I was doing the Daniel Fast and no processed foods are allowed but I really wanted milk so I made my own) but there truly is only so much a person can accomplish in one day, “super” moms included. And that is why, much as I enjoy making my own flavoured milks, if your life doesn’t leave room for that right now, please, enjoy a glass of extra cold and creamy Silk chocolate soy milk on me. Bottoms up!


About dosedependent

Hello! I'm passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ, eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet and living life with my family in northern Manitoba.
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