Chili-Lime Crusted Tofu with Creamy Herbed Rice

I just adore finding new delicious recipes and ways to enjoy tofu! I had to reblog this so I would be sure to find it and try it. As the author mentions, tofu can be tricky when you are first starting to try it in recipes and I am certainly no expert with it but I have had quite a bit of success with several recipes thus far. if you are a bit shy of new foods, trying tofu at a trusted restaurant can be a nice way to dip your toe in the water but if you are the sort who likes to take the plunge, I’d say give it a whirl. Oh, and tofu makes great desserts as well – very versatile. Let me know if you try this recipe before I do!

Happy Cooking!!

Coconut and Berries

I typically rely on beans and lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds for the bulk of my protein needs and am more than happy eating this way most of the time. Every now and again though I get a hankering for a good chunk of tofu or tempeh- perhaps the vegan equivalent to an omnivore’s steak cravings?!

Chli-Lime Crusted Tofu with Creamy, Herbed Rice

If you’ve cooked with tofu before it’s almost inevitable that the first few times it was verging on inedible. Learning to cook tofu well is definitely something that took me some time. For the weekly @veganrecipehour chat on Twitter last week (Thursdays 8-9pm GMT #veganrecipehour) we were talking about all things tofu, sharing tips and recipes and so I dug out a few of my favourites from the archives:

Cauliflower Fried “Rice” with Grilled Asian Tofu

Nutty Crusted Tofu, Mediterranean Israeli Couscous Pilaf & Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

Cheesy Tofu Scramble & Chipotle…

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