What Sammy Ate: Kid-Friendly Rice Bowl

Well, this is my first companion post for What Sammy Ate and I have to say, I wonder if it will resonate with anyone or not.  I am sitting here late at night trying to schedule some blog posts for later in the week when I might be too busy cleaning my kitchen or playing Legos with Sammy or just whatever other stuff life demands. When it gets to this late hour, my eyes blink a bit more, the back of my head begins to pound with an ever-so-gentle pressure and I think, yeah, that sounds like a good idea, go with it!!  So it remains to be seen whether or not this really is a useful post or just useful in my own mind, hahaha.  Anyway, on with the business at hand!  When I first made the Veggie Rice Bowl with Tahini Sauce I was so enamored with the tahini sauce I truly believed that everyone else would be too.  I mean, what’s not to love in this creamy, garlicky sauce, right?  Everyone was in agreement except for my son.  Sadly he maintains that he does not like the tahini sauce (although I definitely think it rates better in his world than say, mushrooms).  Our rule though is that he has to try one bite, chew and swallow it.  If after that he absolutely does not like it, he does not have to eat it but he may have to try a bite again the next time (to be truthful though I usually don’t remember to do that last part).  Sammy does however love rice mixed with a bit of vegan margarine and soy sauce.   A new fan favorite for him is mixing chickpeas in with the rice.  He doesn’t like all of the beans yet but chickpeas are always accepted.  So when we had our Veggie Rice Bowl with Tahini Sauce, Sammy had a big bowl of rice with chickpeas and a side of sliced red peppers and grape tomatoes.  Of course, the veggies could have been mixed in with the rice too.  And voila – a simple, easy, nutritious dish made from the ingredients Paul and I were already having. Except for the red peppers; red peppers are a staple in our house and make a regular appearance on Sammy’s vegetable plate.

Well, this isn’t a fancy or complicated post but I hope it is useful and inspires you to try different dishes without having to make a separate meal for fussy little ones.  Comments, feedback, suggestions?  All are welcome.

Happy Cooking, Happy Children!!

What Sammy Ate - Rice Bowl


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Hello! I'm passionate about my faith in Jesus Christ, eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet and living life with my family in northern Manitoba.
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