Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips: the Rock Star of Vegan Snack Foods

Earlier in the week I promised to post a review on the mighty kale and tonight’s Stolen Recipe, Sour Cream and Onion Kale Chips turns kale into the rock star of vegan snack foods.  Back in the not-so-distant past I used to love – and I mean LOVE – eating any kind of dairy. If anyone thinks I am exaggerating or would like to challenge that statement, please consider the following.  Once I had left home, instead of chocolates my mother used to put large bricks of cheddar in my Christmas stocking.  I routinely ate said large block of cheese to myself in less than a week (oh my arteries!).  A friend once bought us individual ice cream bowls the size of small serving dishes so that we wouldn’t have to get off the couch to get more frozen yogurt.  I once ate an entire 2 litre tub of frozen yogurt to myself in two days (yes, psychologically I had convinced myself this was a healthy alternative to ice cream!). Need I continue this shameful litany or have I successfully depicted my former dairy addiction?  When I first started eating a vegan diet, if I was going to “cheat” it would be with dairy.  I actually got a bit of an upset stomach that first Christmas at a party from allowing myself too many dairy-laden desserts.  Thankfully I have found different and now equally satisfying ways to indulge my craving for creamy, cheesy foods.  And what better way to do that than by smothering one of the world’s super foods, kale, in a sour cream and onion sauce that will make you forget all about any momentary dairy temptations.  While I was visiting my sister in southern Ontario this summer, I bought a bag of sour cream and onion kale chips and began an instant and I am sure lifelong snack addiction. I believe I even ate an entire bag as my supper one night (don’t judge me – they’re healthy!).  So when I arrived back in the north where there are no commercial bags of kale chips, I knew I had to do something to satisfy my craving.  Thankfully, I was only one internet search away.  Angela from Oh She Glows had already tracked down a recipe and reviewed it on her site (I have included the link to her site and to the site that posted the actual recipe).  I did not have to change anything because they are perfect.  The only other thing I can say is, if you do not own a dehydrator, now is the time to purchase one.

Happy Cooking!!

Sour Cream & Onion Kale Chips2


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