Recipe Review: Frosted Mint Chocolate Bars

This was a weekend for tasting and reviewing awesome, healthy, vegan dessert recipes.  I have definitely been in chocolate overload.  I might even – dare I say it? – have to take a break from chocolate for a bit.  Thankfully there is usually an abundance of ripening or frozen bananas waiting and available for any flavor of nice cream we want to make, so the sweet life will continue.  Meantime, I turn your attention to another deliciously satisfying treat: Frosted Mint Chocolate Bars from Inspired Edibles.  Let’s be clear though, I made these last weekend; it would have been sweet suicide to have both these chocolate mint bars AND the awesome beetroot and avocado chocolate cake with chocolate glaze and toasted almond gold dust at the same time!  But from the first time I saw the post for these bars I thought, these are for me!  I just had to wait until I had some more Medjool dates in the house.  As with the aforementioned chocolate cake, I followed the recipe except for the mint chocolate topping.   Instead of Lindt chocolate, I used the chocolate recipe from Oh She Glows (did I mention that I love making my own chocolate) and proceeded with the instructions from there.  The bars were amazing, with a dense, nutty base and a sweet, minty topping.  There is one adjustment I will make next time though.  If using a homemade chocolate, do not add the honey/maple syrup when making the topping.  It made the topping almost too rich (but we got over it pretty quickly, lol).  Also, the topping did not set properly, most likely because of the added liquid sweetener with the homemade chocolate.  After refrigeration it was still like a very soft pudding.  Freezing helped to firm it up but it softened within minutes at room temperature while the base was a bit too firm.  Thankfully we were able to navigate through these little hiccups and the bars were gone before the weekend hit (just in time for another dessert, right?).  Oh, one more thing, my friend Juliana – who tried this recipe before me – advised to use only 1/2 tsp mint extract because she found the full teaspoon was too strong.  Up to you but whatever you do, don’t pass these beauties up!

Happy Cooking!!

Frosted Mint Chocolate Bars

Inspired Edibles



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